The story that I tell myself

I was watching an old episode of Oprah’s life Class with Tony Robbins on the topic of “Living Fearlessly” – something I need more so at this moment than any other.

I learned that the story I say to myself is a big part of what is keeping me living a fear-filled life, and that to live fearlessly I need to change, and practice telling myself a more positive, confident and courageous story for my life.

What is the story I’ve been telling myself?

That I will fail. No matter what I try I won’t be good at it and I’ll fail.

So I’m afraid of trying things that I really want to achieve.┬áThis fear lines every area in my life. Most recently it has been creeping into my studies for my MBA. I’ve just been feeling like this is too intense for me. A small part of me is fearful that I can’t handle the pressure of completing an MBA Programme in 12 months, part-time while working.

So what did I learn about how to live fearlessly?

Tony suggested that doing this involves 3 steps:

1. Strategy – Identify what you are going to do to get results.

2. Story – What story/belief system are you telling yourself? Ensure that it is a positive and courageous one.

3. State – Your state determines your mindset. “Fear is physical”. So to change fear / get rid of it, you have to change your state of being. Stand taller, smile, focus on what you want to accomplish. Shout out “Yes yes yes!” if you have to.

Click to watch the video – Tony Robbins’ 3 Ways to Effect Success

So whenever I feel myself caving in, getting small and fearful about a situation I’m going to change my story to a positive one, change my state and devise a strategy to get the results I want.

Other things that caught my attention:

“The only solution to fear is massive action”. Do what you fear – just do it!

When you focus on serving others fear dissipates.

Associate with people who are better at what you want to do. People who are where you want to be, people who will pull you up along with them and not allow you to wallow in your fearlessness. People who affirm your courage and abilities.

Name that fearless part of you. Own her. Call her up when she is needed.

(And my favourite) Everyone’s life can either be a warning or an example to others, you have to decide what it will be. (And I want my life to be an example!)

I am going to live more fearlessly. I know my fear will never completely go away. But courage is a muscle.. and I plan on exercising it often.