September Squat Challenge!

I’ve had a rather stressful August. I’ve been bogged down at work on a project that felt like it just wouldn’t end. And as a result I haven’t been eating properly, eating “comfort foods”, not exercising, and not sleeping enough.

But, I finally put the finishing touches on it this morning, and for the rest of toay I tried to de-stress. What did I do to de-stress and take my mind off “stuff”? Create a calendar in excel for my squat challenge for this month. I first heard about this challenge from Hey Fran Hey! (I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her tumblr and check it almost daily!) Basically on the first of the month you start with a certain number of sqauts, what ever number you’re comfortable with, and for each consecutive day you add 5 quats. So I started off with 30 squats on Saturday, then did 35 on Sunday, 40 on Monday and 45 this morning, so far for the month I’ve done 150 squats.. Go me!

I was having trouble remembering how many squats I was supposed to do each day, so I made the calendar to help me keep track. I also added the cumulative number of squats (okay I’m a nerd and love numbers). It’s really motivating to know how many squats you’ve done so far for the month. (At the end of this month I would have done 3075 squats!) The calendar is in excel and completely editable, simply change both “30”s on the first day to whatever number you’re starting off with, change the colours if you want, print and stick it up on your fridge! Let’s do this!

Click here to download the calendar: September Squat Challenge

Oh. and. I will be posting here more often.


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