# 5: Participate in the Pinehill Fun Walk

Number 1253!



And it almost didn’t happen too thanks to good old analysis paralysis. I haven’t been walking as much as I should (my walking consists of to and from my vehicle) and my fear was that I’m not fit enough to finish the walk. So I had been contemplating even taking part given how unprepared I was for it. But I am so incredibly happy that I did. My feet are achey but the feeling of pride and confidence is incredible. I’m defnitely gonna make walking a habit.

What did I learn from this?

  • I’m more capable than I give myself credit
  • Sometimes you have to just dive in and figure the rest as you go
  • Listening to your body is so very important. Everyone may have an opinion of what’s best for you, but if you really listen to that inner voice the truth is clear
  • Blindly doing something that you’re afraid of gives you the courage to do other scary things
  • Sometimes when you share your goals and aspirations you’re met with a wave of negativity. And that’s okay don’t take it personally. Focus on positivity.




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