Halfway Through

Whoa. Whoa. Whoaaaa! Half way through the year already? I really need to step this way up. My goals for this month:

2. Complete Insanity challenge – Once and for all I NEED to cross this off and move on to another exercise challenge!
5. Participate in the Pinehill Dairy Fun Walk – I’ve told my Dad my goal and we’ve agreed to doing walks on the weekend to gear up for the big walk
6. Write an article for Caribbean Beach News Magazine – The magazine is on break till December, so in the mean time I’m gonna jot down those topic ideas and get to writing
7. Read at least 6 books – I’ve completed 3 books so far, and have a ton on my computer and in physical copy to read. Gonna make a list and focus on one book at a time
8. Get at least 3 clients for Social Media Business – I have spoken to Sean already about Speaking Roses, so I am going to get cracking on that. He needs a marketing plan as well. I also saw a job posting last night, I will apply for that as well, would give me some great experience (and extra cash)
11. Make manicures and pedicures a habit – I’m gonna try to add more colour to my nails
12. Wear makeup regularly – I have most of the supplies, just need to make the little extra time daily
13. Drink 4 litres of water daily – Commit to it!!
14. Keep a daily gratitude book – I need to order those notebooks!
15. Try one new recipe each week for Slice o’ Paradise blog – Start off with something… ANYTHING! It’s almost been a year since I bought the domain name
17. Join St. Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS) – Give them a call
24. Practice Paleo eating – Read up on what Paleo eating is and do a blog post on it
28. Floss everyday for a month – Get started again
30. Accomplish things in idea book
40. Start a photo blog with photo challenges each month – This month’s challenge is supposed to be ruins… Sort out flickr account
41. One blog post per week – TLA: Confidence; Paleo Eating; Goals for June || NB: hairspiration; length – youtube vides on hair growth || ASOP
42. Perform 5 minute plank – Start off time????
45. Lose 35% body weight


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