Almost Half Way Through!

I have drafted or had the thought to draft a number of posts for this blog. We’re in the fifth month of the year and a lot has happened, and yet still a lot has not. I really need to step things up!
Last month I crossed off number 25 off my list. I VISITED BARBADOS FOR THE FIRST TIME! It was just what I needed! I’ve been feeling stressed and anxious jobwise. I felt refreshed renewed and revitalised after. I think that feeling was due to the following:

* Being outdoors more often
* Exploring new places
* Taking lots of pictures
* Meeting and interacting with people
* Sexercise
* Watching movies at the cinema
* Having a few lazy days in bed

I think going forward I need to incorporate these into my life more often so that I don’t become stressed and anxious all over again. I can feel it creeping in and I need to nip it in the bud.

Okay so: Bucket List Recap!

I’ve accomplished 3 things off my list: 

20. Start an IRA

21. Start a Saving for a Home

25. Travel to a country I’ve never been to before — Barbados!

I’ve made a dent in the following goals:

7. Read at least 6 books – Completed two

22. Have the equivalent of 6 months rent in savings – Have 8% saved

39. In March start The 19 Photo Project – Started, just need to complete

This month I am going to work on the following goals:

2. Complete Insanity challenge

5. Participate in the Pinehill Dairy Fun Walk

6. Write an article for Caribbean Beach News Magazine

7. Read at least 6 books

8. Get at least 3 clients for Social Media Business

10. Publish Dining Guide Magazine on a regular schedule

12. Wear makeup regularly

13. Drink 4 litres water daily

14. Keep a daily gratitude book

17. Join SLAPS

34. Create homemade hair pomade

39. In March start The 19 Photo Project

40. Start a photo blog with photo challenges each month

41. One blog post per week

42. Perform 5 minute plank

45. Lose 35% body weight

So my thinking is to set some target activities each week that would lead me to achieving my goals. Here goes!


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